Living periodically while living in memories

Living life is a combination of living in the present and at times living in the past. The dimension of memories have a strong elevating sense of transporting us back to visit memories and make them as real as reality. My experience with memories have a bitter taste in the mouth once i get back to reality. Sweet memories of the past that have be wrecked havoc while in the present has that kind of effect. I suppose that is how i would explain how i feel and experience it. Living with memories still intact is one of the most hardest things to go by because they really are embedded in us and will conjure up at any moment. We cannot simply erase memories and leave them aside, sure enough they will be conjured up somehow. So we just have to deal with the reality of memories always harassing, bad ones that is. Memories that remind us that the past was so sweet but now when we arrive to the present we realize that something went wrong.


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